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Go Beyond Basic Email: Hosted Zimbra

Sync calendars and contacts with your device effortlessly

Bedinger Group offers secure and reliable hosted email services (zMail) that allow you the freedom to do business anywhere. Enjoy the benefits of being able to access calendars, documents and send and receive email directly from any browser or device. Now, keeping up with important business is no longer linked with being in the office or tied to your desk. Our hosted cloud email services also provides automatic back-ups and recovery. No more worrying about that mail server in the office or maintaining it. We do it all for you.

Zimbra is a cutting edge email and collaboration server that offers:

Hosted Zimbra Email

Zimbra is easy to use and intuitive

  • Email with spam and virus protection
  • Calendars with reminders
  • Contacts
  • Syncing between server and devices
  • File sharing
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Tasks
  • Online chat
  • Document management
  • Custom preferences
  • Professional email presence

Intuitive: Easy to use

Zimbra’s intuitive and familiar web interface is easy to use. Additionally, Zimbra’s mobile web interface allows for full functionality with your account. This includes shared documents and preferences as if you are interfacing on the full web version from their tablet or phone.

Mobile: Go anywhere

Zimbra also boasts automatic syncing. This enables you the ability for auto-synced contacts, calendars, and email across smartphones, desktop and tablets, avoiding redundant data entry. Create a company signature and it will automatically display from anywhere. This allows a seamless identity across multiple platforms.

Secure: Peace of mind

When you use our hosted Zimbra email, you are in good hands. We work around the clock to ensure your email and data are secure and stable. Lost your device? No problem. Simply log into your Zimbra web account and remotely wipe your device data, securing it from prying eyes and for peace of mind.

Compatible: Use your favorite software

Zimbra also has the ability to sync the server with your existing Outlook or Mac Mail for people who wish to continue using their familiar email client. Zmbra is also secure and compatible with many other POP/IMAP and iCal/CalDav protocols, so you can enjoy all of your familiar features, without worries, no matter what you choose.

We have been working with the Bedinger Group for over a decade. Starting as a very small company they helped design our website provided hosting services including our email. We are now approaching 300 employees. The Bedinger Group provides superior customer service and have been extremely attentive to the few issues we have had over the years. Large or small I would strongly recommend trusting the Bedinger Group with your hosting and or email needs.
Richard D. Sargent, President—Global Companies

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